PLAYLIST: time on earth: mars retrograde 2k18

"This retrograde reveals to us our own anger and the energy it takes to repress it, the destruction it creates when left unconscious, and the un-lived potential that lies in wait when we don’t engage in, and fight for, our passions."  - chani nicholas

from june 26 to august 27, 2018, mars enters retrograde in aquarius. as the planet that rules aries and scorpio, mars represents our drive, desires, and self-assertion.

as an aries sun sign with mars in aquarius, this retrograde has really put me to the test emotionally and physically. lots of uncomfortable moments: cishet men not knowing how to leave me the fuck alone at work, seeing an ex twice during pride weekend in SF, coming to terms with codependency and outgrowing a relationship. on a larger scale, the world has not ended yet, though for many families torn apart across the globe, it has.

in spite of how i sometimes get caught up in the past and how numb i feel to current events, i remember how much movement i have made so far and how community has made that possible for me. this pride month taught me the importance of chosen family and healing spaces where queer and trans people of color can celebrate themselves.

this playlist is for all the times on earth we've been tossed backward and forward in the waves, and how once we learned to hold hands, we could come back to the surface for air. best to listen to this at sunset.

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