call for submissions

Happy 2019!

We are looking for folks to contribute to thirtysixplus. We have a lot in store and would like you to be a part of it :)

Specifically, we’re looking for submissions centered around the theme of self-worth. This is near and dear to us as our sense of self-worth is constantly challenged and diminished by [insert here*]. Music has played a significant role in how we’ve worked to reclaim our self-worth and we’d love to hear about how music has impacted your experience in ~*being a person in the world*~.

We’ll be accepting submissions in all shapes and forms - from curated playlists/mixes, listicles, photo essays, instagram story thread, twitter moment, ANYTHING that we can share on our website!

Selected submissions will be compensated :)

Please respect that we’re only accepting submissions from woc & gnc-folks of color <3

If interested, submit your pitch (or completed work!) via email to & by January 31, 2019.

 *patriarchy, capitalism, corporate work culture, misogyny, etc. etc.